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156 definitions by elsquid

adj: when drivers or passengers of motor vehicles sound their horns for reasons other than safety, they are said to be honky / also used in reference to traffic with excessive horn honking
1 - It's weird how a normally laid-back person can get behind the wheel and suddenly become some crazed honky freak.

2 - If you think our traffic is honky, wait till you try driving in the big city.
by elsquid October 17, 2013
166 31
n. pub-u-lence / the act of public flatulence
When you're alone in an elevator, never be dumb enough to commit pubulence.
by elsquid October 27, 2013
131 8
noun: naïveté about how seriously pin-headed Taser-wielding cops & airport security take themselves
Robert Dziekanski {RIP}, that Polish immigrant who was fatally Tasered by cops at the Airport, must have been experiencing profound naïvetéser – ‘cause the cops all testified, "The fact that Dziekanski couldn't understand English made no deference." Dziekanski, they said, seemed to be in an agitated state; therefore, the use of multiple Tasers - repeatedly - was an appropriate response.
by elsquid November 19, 2013
121 10
acronym for "Arrested Adolescence, Bail Denied" / a chronic case of arrested adolescence
Many of the top comedians have full-blown AABD.
by elsquid November 02, 2013
112 13
euphemism for a man of advanced years who suffers from erectile dysfunction
Scientists should tell closed-minded, right-wingers that genetic research will produce a cure for snowy noggin - no toboggan.
by elsquid December 13, 2013
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colloquialism for pregnancy / wordplay on "work the room"
The Canadian healthcare plan sure is nice if you’re injured, sick, or plan to work the womb.
by elsquid December 30, 2013
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euphemism for dieting / wordplay on 'waste management'
If you plan on getting into that old tux of yours, you'd first better get into some waist management.
by elsquid January 02, 2014
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