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when a person of Jewish heritage gets an oddly familiar feeling that his or her cleverness in financial matters is meeting with envy & resentment, or that, for reasons of religious differences, antisemitism is afoot
When that loser referred to the city as Jew York, he struck a déjà Jew cord with people of every race and religion.
by elsquid April 04, 2013
a wakeup hit of rock that gets one on his/her feet and able to compete with the other urban zombies for enough cans or whatnot to afford more crack
I recognized a guy who was once a top jock at school - now, crouched behind a dumpster, smoking his crack of dawn.
by elsquid February 16, 2013
the process of a human dying and reanimating as a zombie, walker, biter. etc.
I thought everybody knew that you do not stop to chitchat when you are trying to pick up a pair of pliers with your feet, so you can then try to cut the handcuff chains that shackle you to a dentist chair that’s across the room from a dying dude who’s about to tranzombiefy.
by elsquid March 31, 2013
"BBD" is the phenomenon of becoming more mentally youthful as one grows older /
derived from 2008 movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” – screenplay loosely based on 1922 short story of the same name by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Since the manifestation of his Benjamin Button Disorder, Uncle Tony finds current events, politics, and even the evening news way too grim and boring.
by elsquid February 19, 2013
short for Fox facts; referring to items broadcast on Fox news
I try to consider all points of view, but generally don’t give much credence to the Fox-fax from the Ministry of Disinformation.
by elsquid March 23, 2013
a dedicated fan of “Resident Evil” movies or game
Magical Milla is marvellous in every role she plays, but the Ressies, understandably, want her to play only Alice, the lead in Resident Evil films.
by elsquid February 19, 2013
an intrusive commercial advertizing message one receives on Twitter
I hate that whenever I use a technical term on twitter, I end up getting unsolicited buck-tweets about related products or businesses.
by elsquid February 19, 2013

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