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177 definitions by elsquid

outstandingly good speechmaking / a portmanteau derived from ‘formidable’ and ‘babble’
They say the President writes all that great rhetoric himself, not wanting to rely on the formidababble of professional speechwriters.
by elsquid September 05, 2012
when a person of Jewish heritage gets an oddly familiar feeling that his or her cleverness in financial matters is meeting with envy & resentment, or that, for reasons of religious differences, antisemitism is afoot
When that loser referred to the city as Jew York, he struck a déjà Jew cord with people of every race and religion.
by elsquid April 04, 2013
a bodybuilder who uses cocaine
In search of a payphone, Cookie strolled into some sleazy combo bar/weightlifting gym, where she was greeted by crazed-looking ripped-snorters.
by elsquid November 22, 2012
a term for removing one’s own stitches / also applies to stitching one’s own wounds, a less common occurrence than the removal of one's own sutures that were sown in by a healthcare professional
With no universal healthcare, you get a lot of suture self procedures taking place.
by elsquid February 05, 2013
verb: to meander/mingle ones way through a large function
I’d expected a smallish barbecue, but it turned out to be a monster garden party – through which we meangled for hours.
by elsquid August 12, 2012
adj: when people of great wealth believe themselves to be more important than people of relatively modest means /

derived from TV series "Downton Abbey"
Just because you've had such unreal luck in the market, there's no need to turn all downton-abbey on us.
by elsquid February 12, 2013
when superstores, such as Safeway, corruptly remove and expel certain products because their exceptional quality and popularity eclipses that of the cheap imitations of these same products, which bear the superstore’s brand name
whenever a good product comes along and keeps getting sold of the selves, the Shopping Nazis soon come up with a cheapo knockoff and destock the good one that people want, dishonestly pretending it’s an unpopular item.
by elsquid August 20, 2012