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177 definitions by elsquid

something perceived as vaguely reminiscent of something else
Oldsters say the whole Lady Gaga thing is a kinda reminda of the Madonnama phenomena.
by elsquid October 27, 2011
(1), the disorienting effect of jet travel between different time zones / jet lag

(2), a self-imposed name for zealous fans of the Winnipeg Jets NHL Hockey Team
(1), After that eighteen-hour flight across the world, it will take you a day or two to lose your jet head.

(2), Now that Winnipeg has their team back, there’s a major jet head resurgence.
by elsquid November 30, 2011
A document which proclaims and defines the fundamental right of women to sexual equality with respect to the freedom to go about bare-chested in public with the same legal impunity that is enjoyed by men.
She joked that the first and second amendments to the ConsTITution guaranty freedom of beach and the right to bare breasts.
by elsquid December 14, 2011
(1) – verb: to be extremely fond of someone or something / somewhere between ‘like’ and ‘love’ / double-digging / double-dug

(2) – noun: a compound putdown
(1), I don’t know what it is about Canadian female singer-songwriters, but from Joni Mitchell through Shania Twain, Alanis Morissette, Leslie Feist, etcetera – I most-always double-dig them.

(2), That ‘brilliant’ committee will take another recess – as if it matters.
by elsquid November 27, 2011
a term for perfect buttocks
Given the choice between attending an opera or a ballet, most uncultured guys will go for ballet – simply for the ballerina’s deliciassness.
by elsquid January 02, 2012
a person with a passionate commitment to both Jesus and computers
Apparently, some Jesus geek or group of Jesus geeks is hacking into all the non-Christian religious websites and wreaking holy acrimony.
by elsquid January 09, 2012
metaphor for 'January' in the northern hemisphere -- referring to the post Xmas season come-down and the dismal weather \ alternative: ‘Januwary’; ‘Januscary’
It’s the same thing every Januweary: last week, bold and merry -- now bleak, cold and scary.
by elsquid January 08, 2012