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177 definitions by elsquid

verb: to follow someone on Twitter
You can’t send someone a private message if they don’t twollow you.
by elsquid October 08, 2011
acronym for ‘Feliz Año Nuevo’ – Spanish for ‘Happy New Year’
I finally clued-in to what is meant by all the recent ‘FANs’ I’m getting at the end of emails.
by elsquid December 31, 2011
adi: to be of or alike the cheerful spirit of Friday afternoon \ (antonym) mondane
After a long and profitable week, a fridane atmosphere set in.
by elsquid June 19, 2011
to give someone a peace/victory sign and wiggle your tongue between the fingers
I looked back while getting off the subway, and this angelically beautiful girl I’d been secretly checking-out gave me the lick-a-de-split.
by elsquid November 08, 2011
an autobiography written with fewer than 160 characters, which one posts on twitter
Unless it’s the certified account of a well-known person, you can’t believe any bragging you read in a tweetography.
by elsquid October 19, 2011
something perceived as vaguely reminiscent of something else
Oldsters say the whole Lady Gaga thing is a kinda reminda of the Madonnama phenomena.
by elsquid October 27, 2011
(1), the disorienting effect of jet travel between different time zones / jet lag

(2), a self-imposed name for zealous fans of the Winnipeg Jets NHL Hockey Team
(1), After that eighteen-hour flight across the world, it will take you a day or two to lose your jet head.

(2), Now that Winnipeg has their team back, there’s a major jet head resurgence.
by elsquid November 30, 2011