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used by speaker/writer to indicate that he/she is getting to the point
We met at the airport, thinking each other had the tickets, which caused a frantic luggage search and a crazy cab ride back to the hotel through rush-hour traffic.... So-anyway, yes, we made the flight.
by elsquid September 13, 2010
a person who practices agnosticism until his/her death is imminent; at which time he/she embraces all religions and divine beings thereof
My devout conditional agnostic uncle used to say, “God grant me the serenity to put-up with these holy rollers,” but when he was dying, he had ecclesiastic types coming and going for days.
by elsquid July 25, 2011
/cop-al-yair-oh/ – a mounted police officer (not gender specific)
The bicycle thief tried a getaway through the park trails, but copalleros soon caught him.
by elsquid December 01, 2010
when veggies and fruits, so innocent and un-empowered, are plucked out by the roots, to be greedily devoured
How many victims have died from vicious vegan vegicide?!
by elsquid October 02, 2011
excessive love or admiration of one’s own buttocks \ arsissist: one who engages in arsissism
Whether it was a touch of OCD or full on arsissism I couldn’t say -- but in every car and shop window we passed, she would gaze at the reflection of her dazzling derrière.
by elsquid August 07, 2011
a smutty pun
He sees himself as quite the smoothy with the ladies, but he’s just a total bore with a bunch of corny smuns.
by elsquid July 29, 2011
acronym for, Morning Erotically Obsessed Woman (or Women)
Beneath her demure businesswoman persona was a wild child who awoke each day gripped by MEOW.
by elsquid August 01, 2011

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