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a measure to describe the rate of liquid flow. one Urine Flow Unit, or UFU, is equivalent to the rate of a normal, unhurried piss. a full bladder may dispense urine in excess of one (1) UFU.

the utility of the Urine Flow Unit is not restricted to bodily fluid, but indeed any flow of beverage, water, or other liquid.

UFU is an American standard measure. To convert to metric, multiply by 1.54.
Whoa, the milk dispenser in D2 is really crankin' out the skim milk today. I'd say it's gotta be in excess of 4 Urine Flow Units.
by elemental September 04, 2006
synonymous with groinalplex, the crotchal zone is an important and sensitive region between the legs encompassing the genitalia. one must take care to protect the crotchal zone from flying objects and venereal diseases.

can be quite fun to use both 'groinalplex' and 'crotchal zone' side-by-side.
Sean, will you please stop gesturing to your crotchal zone and pass the 'melk?'
by elemental May 04, 2005
a 40-oz. bottle of beer. pronounced FOH-tee.

beverage actually need not be beer. see example.
HOT. I just bought me a cream soda fohty.

I'm gonna be partying like a rock star tonight.
by elemental June 27, 2005
a unit measure of toilet paper. the amount of paper required to wipe for one dump. using the final dumpsworth of TP on a roll obligates the user to replace the roll with a fresh one.
Uh-oh, I need to get to Kroger and buy some toilet paper. looks like there's only about 1.5 dumpsworth remaining.
by elemental September 04, 2006
a residential pile of vomit known as a 'colonial-style' house, characterised by vinyl siding, paste-on shutters, and gypsum board covering every interior wall and ceiling.

Named for the five windows on the second floor, and centered main entry door flanked by two windows on either side. Often, they are accompanied by a paste-on two-car garage which serves as the real main entry door for the house, even though the gas-guzzling soccer-mom-mobile known as an Expedition or Escalade is too big to fit inside.

The cancerous sprawling suburbs of Northern Virginia (NoVA) are the five, four, and a door capital of the world.

The arch-nemesis of architecture.
The domicile of yuppies.
The telltale sign of facadomy at work.
If I see one more development spring up full of five, four, and a doors, I'm going to slit my wrists with my drafting triangle and shove my compass into my eye.
by elemental June 29, 2005
the square coffers, or hollow spaces, found on the underside of a two-way concrete slab system. Such a slab is known as a waffle slab.

Waffle slabs are the most delicious floor system EVER.
Mmm, looking up at the ceiling in Cowgill always makes me hungry. I'd love to turn this building over and fill all those waffelations with butter and syrup.
by elemental June 28, 2005
a shortened form of anorexic. may refer to the state of person with an eating disorder. however, also can describe meager portions of food.
I hate France for many reasons, but especially because in all their restaurants the portions are totally rexic.
by elemental June 27, 2005

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