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1. (Fuck Your Clan) The first and original clan "Fuck Your Clan", started out on the Playstation 2 when the official PS2 Network Adapter was released. fYC was known in the PS2 Socom Online game community for discovering and participating in many glitches in multiplayer mode. The whole "Fuck Your Clan" idea was the style of fYC's gameplay. fYC didn't care how good they are, how big their score is, nor did they care what others' think about them. fYC was, and still is, strictly for the fun of gaming technology.

2. (fOR YOUR CRANIUM) Eventually, fYC moved on to the PC platform, tearing up Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. A few years after the fYC's main members retired, fYC evolved to "fOR YOUR CRANIUM" and started to release fYC-created mods (fYCcreationZ) to the public, while helping the community understand how they were made.
What clan are you in?
What's fYC?

This bullet iz... fOR YOUR CRANIUM!
by electrickrypt November 13, 2007
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