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A gadget that you see advertised on TV that promises to do everything but when brought is found to be crap and winds up on the verge with the rest of the trash.

Hey honey, look at this new tool I got. It saws, drills, sharpens and nails.

Kevin, it’s just another piece of Crapget
by el cee September 20, 2007
The words that are spoken by a Hypocrite
Bob: Joe, did you hear that our Presient is going to cut taxes

Joe: Just another piece of Hypocrap. It will never happen
by el Cee June 04, 2014
An acronym for Breakfast On (a) Bun.

A fast convenient way to grab breakfast for people on the go. A toasted bun is loaded with bacon, egg, sausage meat, cheese, tomato and a dollop of bake beans.
Got time to have a sit down breakfast, Leigh

No thanks, Jan. I will grab a BOB on the way to work.
by el cee May 30, 2007
Encourage a friend to send you a SMS on their cell phone/mobile. The thumb being the key finger used in texting a message.
Mary thumb me the details once I finish this cell phone call.
by el cee June 01, 2007

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