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3 definitions by ein wrose

In porn, a black hole is when the guy is doing the girl missionary or doggy style, and the camera is behind the guy showing his anus. Staring into the black hole will steal your soul.
I was watching Do It Doggy Style, when they kept showing the guy's black hole. I didn't want to lose my soul, so I turned it off.
by ein wrose September 01, 2010
Noun: A shot, hit, swig, etc. Can apply to drinking, smoking, doing drugs, having sex, or whatever else can be found at parties
Verb: To consume the item that is in one's hands
"Yo man, your turn to chance the weed."
"You got your Vodka, I got my Tequila. Let's chance this!"
"I think you should chance that entire 40."
"She's passed out on the couch: go chance that!"
by Ein Wrose June 29, 2006
The only word that has A E I O U in it in that order
Did you know that 'facetious' is the only word that has A E I O and U in order?
by Ein Wrose April 05, 2011