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2 definitions by eeby

You and a small group of friends make a trip to your local (insert location restaurant that sells all-you-can-eat pancakes) and make an effort to smuggle out a good amount of syrup and butter coated pancakes...
You take a trip out to your local red-light district to go hunting...
Find a prostitute...the uglier, the better...
You ask to 'see the goods' and as soon as she's flops out her used up tits, you lob a pancake into her sad little life.
Film the response, drive off laughing...
Dude, Nikki, Steph, TK, and I just got back from IHop.
They had all-you-can-eat pancakes!!!
We're about to go Hooker Pancaking!!!
Wanna Come?
by EEby October 09, 2010
the male version of camel toe.
bobs pants are so tight you can see his mamel toe. god, i can't even look at him.
by eeby February 02, 2012