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There is a distict difference bewteen a nigger and an african-american. A nigger is black person who wears things like du-rags, bandanas, huge baggy pants, and shirts that are 10 times their size makeing themselves look like clowns. They talk like scumbags saying things like "pop a cap in yo ass". Niggers like to call themselves "gangstas" when really there just a discrace to the people who revolutionized the gangster culture. Some examples of theses ridiculous nigger gangs include bloods,crips,folks. All they do is fight and kill eachother because they have nothing else better to do. They disturb and try to put fear in the general public. Overall these peices of shit have no respect for society whats so ever. They have their own genre of music called "rap" where they talk about meaningless bullshit. Rap isnt considered real music by alot of people.

An african-american is a black person who is the exact oppisote of the above. They talk and dress normal. They can be some of the nicest and careing people. I happen to have some african american friends and they have great personalitys.
" Man i hate niggers, they come into our society and spread all their negitivity. If they want to do that than they should just get the fuck out of here and go back to africa".
by edwin123 May 25, 2007
A male who almost shits and pisses there pants at the same time when either talking to girls, giving a speech, meeting somone new, ect. Shy people ussually talk to themselves more than they talk to other people. They occupy most of their time by sleeping, watching t.v, and pulling dick.
1."Dude that kid is so shy, he doesnt talk to anyone, what a pussy"!
by edwin123 April 11, 2007

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