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Two people engaging in anal sex, male or female. The giving party is the chef, palming a handful of pepper. As the giver is about to enjoy a hearty climax he reaches down and around, tossing the pepper near the nasal cavity of the recieving party. At this point the reciever sneezes and is involuntarily forced to clench the spinchter while the giver reaches fruition. Thus making him, a sneaky chef.
Hey Steve watch out for Brad, he is a sneaky chef.
by edward connors December 31, 2007
Your girlfriend is in the bath tub, you are positioned on the toilet or adjacent piece of furniture. You proceed to pleasure yourself reaching climax, letting your tasty flakes fly into the water to be devoured by the waiting mer-woman.
Hey baby would you be interested in feeding the goldfish?
by edward connors December 31, 2007
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