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a person i would take great enjoyment in killing, it is people like this that make this world suck.
klansman: were gunna hang them...naggers...yeehaw

me:(click click) bye bye bigot (boom)
by educator of the haters April 06, 2005
a true wigger is a suburban white kid, who talks and acts ghetto, but not so much dresses in urban clothes companies. many kids who do not talk or act ghetto but wear urban clothes(me) get a bad rep because of these people making an ass of themselves. if you are white, and you grew up in the hood, you are not a wigger because that is all you know. a white suburban kid acting ghetto is just as bad as a black suburban kid acting ghetto if you ask me.
i know i am not from the ghetto so i do not talk or walk ghetto but i wear hip hop styled clothes, does that make me a wigger? no, that kid who just called his white wigger friend nigga is a wigger, not me.
by educator of the haters April 06, 2005
a type of weed that has some hwo been grown with a blueberry plant so that it has a similar flavor to blueberrys.
Yess, fire fire got me so tired ima stop drop and rooooooolll
Put a wet towel under the doooooooor
Dont pass it I cant take it no mooooore
Somebody take a trip down to the stoooooore
hurry please cus i need some snacks snacks snacks snacks
and how long will it take to get back back back back
Yes indeed ima lil off track track track track track
Off this weed and im full of that yac yac yac yac yac
Get on in that stinkin Lincoln crank it up and riiiiide
and it aint enuff room to fit the other chicks inside
Im so hungry wit tha munchies ima eat everyting insiiiiiide
Me and my blueberrys together and everythings all right
by educator of the haters April 11, 2005
to all you ignorant people who claim that he does nothing but yell "yeah", "OK", and "what?" and gets paid to do so, you are dead wrong. lil jon produces most of the songs he is in, and also created the beat in every song that he is in, which probably isnt as easy as you think. and no matter what you guys say, he has about 10 times the amount of money you make in your life in his pocket at this very second, and has already gone a lot further in life then you probably will.
ignorant racist: wtf is thi shit? all this dude does is yell and get paid for it..
anyone who actually knows whats going on: you obviously have no idea what you are talking about
by educator of the haters April 06, 2005
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