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While having sexual intercourse with a woman the man jizzes inside the condom and the woman takes it off and pours it into her mouth and swallows.
Allah gave that bitch a Slurp And Soup last night.
by eduardo sanchez May 25, 2012
The most awesome MMORPG ever. The only other definition I see denounces the game. I assure you, the beginning island is indeed Hell. Things improve GREATY on the mainland. Very few people steal kills/loot, No one spams the way they do on the newb island, and your variety in items and creatures is far greater.
Tibia player: Fear me, for I play Tibia.
Non-tibia player: You r teh pwnz0r. Room service! You want towel? You want toilet papeh? You want sucky sucky? I <3 you!
by Eduardo Sanchez February 19, 2005
The modern slang term for Beelzebub, or Satan, or Bob Saget.
George Bush is a clown.
Translation: George Bush is (Satan, a bad man, undesirable, sexy >Antonym<)
by Eduardo Sanchez February 19, 2005

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