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The BEST sign of the zodiac.
Very good looking and they get along with most everyone at a party - that's why they are always the center of attention. Very outgoing and have great personalities. Love excitement and luxurious lifestyles. Basically they have the whole package. Most people appreciate their awesomeness but some are jealous of their charisma and become bitches toward them. They are said to be egotistical but are actually really humble.
guy: damn that girl was so fine and a sweetheart too, she must be a leo!

don't hate me 'cause you ain't me - i'm a leo!
by edgar allen poe...i think July 23, 2008
Basically the best of the worst. Pretty much everyone agrees it's better than the other high schools in Dearborn even though they all suck. Every dumbass thinks it's the funniest fucking thing ever to steal the "L" from the gymnasium pool sign on the side of the school. All of the teachers think they are the shit when in reality only about 3 of them are good. The hallways stink from people that never take showers and once a week spray on their dollar store cologne/axe (depends how much gas is selling for that week) until people start gagging. Some people celebrate their birthdays in a big way - 25 bazillion balloons, screaming during lunch, and sheet cakes.. this usually pisses off 90% of the school. The sports are okay. All in all a bad school but some students are pretty cool.
me: dude, you are fucking stupid. that was and never will be funny.

idiot: the bathrooms at edsel are so cool i always hang out in them
me: you are stupid. seriously they stink so bad and when i come out of my stall i get humped by a group of people screaming things in foreign tongues.

idiot: woooow like edsel ford high school has the best academic program ever and we have so many cool things to do at edsel hehehehehe
me: you will never get laid. ever.

by edgar allen poe...i think July 24, 2008

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