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A warning to nearby friends or company, alerting them of the terrible upcoming odor you have just released.
Lance: The other day I was walking to class when....

Eric Sherman: WOW!

Lance: What?

Eric Sherman: Hope ya like lasagna.

by echo 9 November 15, 2007
When your running down a long hallway where a lovely 20-piece chick nug awaits your arrival, each nugget glowing magnificently with their ever so radiant gold crispness and plump white meat. However, at the same time fat chicks from all directions are being thrown at your head, hoping to destroy any possibility of you reaching your destination. Every nugget sits patiently and watches hesitantly as their dreams of being reached dissolve right in front of them, engulfed in the fear and reality that you might perish, and that they will not be eaten once again.
Jake: Dude mike, I was going to class when i noticed a 20-piece just sitting at the other end.

Matt: (with a concerned tone) My name's Matt. You didn't go after it did you?

Jake: I'm still here, ain't I?

Matt: Thank God.

Lance: The Chuck Plaster Nugget Touch Disaster.

by echo 9 May 02, 2007
something you say right before you and some buddies are about to hunt some dragons or kill a large group of zombies
Jake: Oh shit...we're done for.

Sabre Jackson: Snacktime comes early today boys.

Jake: Okay...let's do this.
by echo 9 May 02, 2007

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