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a person who is not from scotland who likes to act like or claim they are scottish. tend to own kilts, tartan, glengarry hats and for the more extreme a full set of bagpipes.
compareable to: plastic paddys (wannabe irish), wamericans, wappanese etc etc.
wottish wotsman - hoots mon, are ye a scotsman?
scotsman - yep, i am.
wotsman - haw man am toal scoattish masell.
scotsman - you sound american
wotsman - here ya prick
scotsman - *beat beat beat*
by E to the u a n November 02, 2007
a saying by british soldiers, prior planning and preperation prevents piss poor performance
idiot - yeah so we went in at about 7 and found out that there were insurgents in every house on the street.

angry sgt - seven P's! prior planning and preperation prevents piss poor performance! 2 section! 50 press ups, go!

2 section - *knuckles cracking*
by e to the u a n September 15, 2007
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