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Shafted; Not given the best of something; When you receive the smallest fudgy oat square.
"I got the smallest cookie"
"looks like you received the short end of the pineapple on that one!"
by E February 21, 2005
Literally, a checksum is a digit used in digital communications that is attatched to the end of the series of other digits to verify the integrity of data.

Some techies may use the word "checksum" as a verb, meaning the act of making sure something they hear about is actually correct instead of simply accepting it as fact.
I usually spend a lot of time checksumming the shit I see on Fox, CBS and NBC.
by e April 03, 2005
The 'Fag' of all fags. Call it the king of the queers, if you will.
Adrian likes to hang out in West Hollywood with the he-shes; looks like he might be the fagdaddy afterall.
by E December 15, 2004
Stands for the Very Secret Diaries. A parody fic of Lord of the Rings by Cassie Claire.
"OMG, have you read the VSDs yet? They're sooooo funny!"
(this is how I first heard about them)
by E October 09, 2004
One who stabs and is known for stabbing, most likely a thugsta or gangsta or killa manilla, thus the word has an "a" at the end of it rather than the normal, non-slang suffix "er".
"Man, dat dey mudda fuckoi is now knownst as a mutha fuckin' stabba since he went and stapped dat fucka in his itty bitty chess"
by E April 01, 2005
This phrase is an exclaimation which is used in substitute for and/or in coincidence with saying Jesus Christ. Popular variants are: crimminy, crimminus, crimminy godsus and crimminy crocket
Crimminy jimsus! That bitch is hotter than two rats fucking in a wool sock!
by E March 23, 2005
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