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Beta Chi Theta Rush Information

A bunch of FOBs who are usually the children of first generation Indo-Pak-Bangla immgrants (funny how all that baggage disappears!) and who never learned how to properly socialize with other Americans. Might claim being "confused" growing up and "not being in touch with their culture." Well, guess what? They never got in touch with it!

And so they come to fine American institutions of higher learning near you and bond together over their brownness. They claim to be an ideal South Asian fraternity but use Greek letters to identify themselves (!) Blatantly obvious on campus: black T-shirts, spiked blowout haircut with too much gel, and occasionally the BXO silver chain. The lighter skinned ones are the leaders, and they lead packs of 5-6 desis around campus.

Good at: pretending to be gangsta, living off their parents' money, upholding a culture they know nothing about, avoiding non-brown contact.

Bad at: school, girls, managing acne, upkeep of the spoilers on their riceburners, winning fights, ultimately entering the real world.
fob: YAAR


passerby: get out of the road, and put on some deodorant

They are literally so insecure about their frat that they have a team of guys sitting around and monitoring the Internet to see if anyone tells the truth about them. No matter that most of their members are Muslims and Hindus, and don't care about all the negative stuff about those religions, their greasy frat come first! Plus it also distracts them from having their girlfriends stolen by white guys, and losing fights to asians (true incidents.)
by dzidzelaidz June 04, 2011

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