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Sydnee is the most stunning girl you will ever meet. Sydnee's are perfect. Often have brown hair and have the most amazing eyes. She's talented, fun loving, HILARIOUS, extermely kind and gentile. She'll come off as shy when you first meet her, but is bubbly and creative and fun. Sydnee's often put other peoples feelings before hers and is helpful. Sydnee's are flirty and fun, they make amazing girlfriends, wives and friends. She loves kids and animals. Loves nature and is outgoing and will try almost anything. Sydnee's are sooooo pretty and make other girls jealous and make the boys swoon. Sydnee's are artistic and are talented in sports, expesally soccer and dance. Everyone likes her because shes just that amazing. Boys are lucky if they have a Sydnee in their lives. Hold on to them <3
Dude #1: Hey did you hang with Sydnee last night? She's super chill and cool man.
Dude #2: Yeah man!! I love Sydnee!!
by dylanblake April 25, 2013

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