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A cooler fuckin little town in Bucks County, PA than Chalfont or C-font as the fags who live there call it.
Chalfont resident: I'm so gangsta cuz I live in da C-font. That's da fuckin hood, son!!!!

Warrington resident: Ya, tur u faggot, last I checked, we're in Bucks County, about an hour from fuckin Philly. Why don't u take ur white ass to South Philly and say that?
#warrington #warington #doylestown #hood #pennsylvania #chalfont #new britain
by durka sherpa jerka February 24, 2008
An expression of disbelief or disapproval started by members of the Central Bucks South football team

also pronounced "dar u" or stuttered into

ex. tu-tu-tu-tur u
Mike: Yo, I just got like 32 kills in one game of Halo!!!
Bob: Yeah, tur u, u suck nuts.

Mike: Yo, I'm gonna go spit some game to that chick right there.
Bob: Yeah, tur u, that shit's all me!
#tur you #dar u #dar you #cb south #cb #central bucks
by durka sherpa jerka February 24, 2008
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