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When you are playing X-box Live on Halo 3 team slayer, and you beat the other team by twenty or more points. This was created when Luke (a creater of Halo 3) and his team of four said he could beat ANY team by 20 or more points, and if he lost he would have to give the other team a stake dinner. He won. You can check how many you have by going to www.bungie.net and typing your name in.
Halo 3 steaktacular award...I got one yesterday :)
by dummb n00b October 07, 2008
one of the first numbers starting with 1 on the urban dictionary that didn't have a definition yet. It means when you get a phoner at your job.
dude!I got fired for a 107 at mcdonalds!
by dummb n00b October 21, 2008
nerd...you actually looked it up.
something people look up when they are getting tired of runescape/W.O.W.... lol you looked up qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm
by dummb n00b October 10, 2008
A dumb place where they won't let you edit/add crap because they are way to strict, and they don't know poop!
wikipedia only has "smart" articles unlike the cool ones on urban dictionary
by dummb n00b October 09, 2008

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