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Oyin refers to a person who has really let himself go. He does not care for his own personal image and will do almost anything for a hot meal.
Jerrell: Damn Liam, is there anything you won't eat?
Liam: Nope. You could say that I'm an oyin.
by duke the third April 08, 2009
papa van refers to someone who's child has reached the very bottom of the social heirarchy.
Liam: Hey whatever happened to that guy?
Jerrell: Well, after his son dropped to new lows, he became a papa van.
Liam: Damn. That shit's too bad.
by duke the third April 12, 2009
A person of nigerian descent who puts on a 'tough-guy' facade but is actually a complete coward.
The samllest things frighten him, such as dogs.
Poodle: *growl*
Jerrell: Holy shit! Someone fucking help me! This beast is going to fucking kill me!
Liam: Damn, he is such an Oba.
by duke the third April 09, 2009
A total social reject. Piranavan refers to someone who has fallen down to the very bottom of the social hierarchy and is now practically invisible in the eyes of others.
He has long given up all hope of being popular. He is prone to nosebleeds and excessivley plays pokemon-themed video games.
Sachin: You think Kanto's a real place!?
Piranvan: No! Shut up Sachin
(Punches Mithilan by accident)
Piranavan: *Nosebleed* *Spaz attack*
Liam: Damn. Looks like someone's about to become a real piranavan.
by duke the third April 09, 2009
'To pull an Arsal' is to go ahead with someting with no preparation or strategy and to accept the consequences. The difference with pulling an Arsal and 'winging it' is that pulling an Arsal often ends with a great success, even though the odds were against you.
Jerrell: Dude, I totally flunked all my subjects.
Liam: Shit, bro. That shit's too bad.
Jerrell: How about you, homie?
Liam: Damn, muthafucker, I pulled an Arsal.
by duke the third April 17, 2009
A super-awesome super-vigilante hero who saves the world, by night, and possess ultra-cool superpowers like the ability to mainpulate electromagnetic waves to strike lightning at his adversaries.
Jerrell: What is that in the sky, I wonder?
Liam: It's a bird. No it's a plane. Wait it's -
by duke the third April 09, 2009

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