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when you become paranoid because webmd matched your symptoms with an incurable disease, usually cancer.
guy 1: whats wrong man? you seem to be acting like your about to die
guy 2: i have a headache that has been going for weeks and when i looked on webmd i apparently have a brain tumor
guy 1: you just have a case of webmd paranoia
#webmd #paranoia #internet #fear #scare
by dudewiththebling March 30, 2012
when a girl has you in a painful and inescapable hold and you steal a kiss and escape when she is stunned
friend: what happened after that girl twisted your wrist?
me: oh i just used the good old safety release and ran like hell
#steal a kiss #steal #run #safety #escape
by dudewiththebling December 04, 2011
Disappearing for an extended period of time.
Person 1: Where's Bob? I haven't seen or heard from him for a couple of weeks.
Person 2: Must be pulling a Putin.
#putin #russia #disappear #hiding #afk
by dudewiththebling March 27, 2015
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