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i apologize for the dumb ass who define port jervis 1st.

it is actually in new york. the ice cream shop is called the creamery (really hot ppl work there) and shop rite is in montague, NJ (see montague) there arent that many hillbillies. trucks cant navigate through the small streets and it was nominated the coolest small town to live in.

every year someone finds a way to die... usually a teenager.

the only good thing this town has going for it is the fact that its way cooler than a new jersey town and that its wrestling team is really good. (or was at one point)
friend: did anyone die yet this year in port jervis?
me: umm idk... wait yea. some dude who graduated 2 years ago died.
friend: where?
me: i think by the hawks nest
friend: ohh yea!!! he crashed right?
by dude who wrote it January 31, 2009
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