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An act of awesomeness. Something when performed right, can make any man, straight that is, fall in lvoe with the woman for which he has chosen for a parter. To gve blowjob is not to jsut suck a penis. But to caress with with nothing but your wet, slippery mouth. To make a man not ejaculate, but to reach montary heaven when he spits his lvoe jucices into your mouth. A real blowjob has many aspects, including, the twist, deep thoat, and to soflty play with his balls. To stop for anything even so much as a breath would be unorthadox, so dont stop untill the pearly gates of heaven is last seen sliding down your throat.
"Damn she gave me such a good blowjob im still cumming in my pants"

"Yo, that new girl, i hear she gives good blowjobs, i heard u don't see the tip of your dick for a week"
by dude its steve January 24, 2004
Big green, buds with plenty of red hairs surrounding them. Sometimes colors range froma dark green to a whiter green. Never stale or in the shake like stage
" whered you get those nuggets from?!, Mexico?!?!?"
by dude its steve January 24, 2004
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