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A quasi-complicated card game in which points are scored by possessing a pair, a straight, three of a kind, a flush, combination of which the sum is 15, etc. The points are kept track of by marking the appropriate number on a pegboard.
Because a board is used to keep track of the score, Cribbage is often thought of as a board game; however, it is technically a card game.
I like cribbage. this part is just filler
by dude, schwing February 07, 2006
A hilarious, albeit extremely slapstick and rather stupid, telivision program that aired on the cable network FX at the beginning of the 21st century A.D. The show was very satirical in nature, and full of innuendo and knockoffs of various cultures, movies, and so on.
The main character's name was Notch Johnson, and some of the other characters included BJ Cummings, Spank the Monkey, and Porcelain Bidet.
You'd have to watch it a good bit to really understand what was going on.
Son of the Beach was a show which almost nobody watched, and fewer people understood.
by dude, schwing February 08, 2006

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