13 definitions by dude 2000

to use your legs to propel yourself off the ground.
I can jump into the air
by Dude 2000 October 16, 2003
the greatest of all of the Greek gods
Zeus was the god of the sky, and therefore ruled everything below him. So, he ruled everything. Except the Sun, the Moon, Tartaros (Hell) and the Sea.
by Dude 2000 November 04, 2003
The Image comic book character, that has magical powers to materialize different guns through each issue....which is cool!
As he slapped in the clip of an AK830 rocket launcher....--Spawn issue 7
by Dude 2000 October 08, 2003
the Greek Titan that was the father of Zeus, Hera, and a lot of other gods and goddesses
by Dude 2000 November 04, 2003
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