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3 definitions by duce droppa

a women who has an extremely long face that resembles a skateboard and most of the time lacks a personality and thinks shes the shit
yo I was spitting my game with some girl when she turned around i said this hoe has a skateboard face i cant have none of that
by duce droppa November 16, 2007
when one bro slaps another bro in the face with seamen while one bro is vulnerable such as while he is sleeping, jerkin the gerkin, or drunk out of his mind.
Yo last night Chad was gettin it on with Sally and i came up behind him and wet slaped that bitch
by duce droppa November 16, 2007
when a person of Indian descent gets shat upon there brow turban which can look most like coffee cake or the term varies with the color of the persons stool.
yo Brosephalonis last night I made a nice indian coffee cake upon a high quality turban.
by duce droppa November 16, 2007