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although i agree w/nearly everything most other posts say about metal heads, i will add my own reminiscing, er definition...my fave metal heads in HS were some of the funniest f*cking guys i knew-usu sat away from the popular kids, jocks etc. in the lunchroom & were down-to-earth/no bs. One of my best memories was one particular guy i knew, eddie, who would loudly squawk like a chicken down the hallway, & was once known to trade shit like knives for a bag of weed. most metal heads would give you sh*t for listening to anything they'd consider gay, and loved to bust your balls, esp. the guys, such as tease you in class or generally shake things up...and it’s true, most metal-heads are really knowledgeable about their music & lyrics & should def. not be f'd with; they are some of the realest people in h.s. as far as i was concerned & it pissed me off when ppl would think they weren't as bright or whatever..stupid stereotypes. the same guy I mentioned earlier would cut class & STILL do better than most of the other straight-edge kids..metal helped us cope in h.s. b/c it's one of the hardest times in life & a lot of those kids coming up had it harder than their preppier kids who lived in a f*ckin’ suburban bubble....i listened to G N' R all of 10th grade & lost my virginity to 'hell's bells' so i say yeah, metal ain't dead yet...cheers to metal-heads everywhere; the clothes maybe ain’t the same, but you know who you are!
Dudes: Back in the 90's guys wore Slayer or Metallica t's, trenches, black denim or maybe a black biker jacket. Typically metal heads I knew had long hair, sometimes stringy & occasionally of the beloved mullet varietal. Others often sported an earring & some skull & crossbone jewelry, plus black Vans hightops or combat boots. Throw on a flannel & a concert t and you’ve got the look.
Chicks: the girls usually wore lots of black eyeliner, acid-washed jeans, feathered hair & were frequently busted smoking in the girls room while teasing their giant hair with a can of aqua net...good times!
by drkittie73 December 03, 2008

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