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A primate which oddly has opposable digits and some verbal ability. These knuckle-dragging shaven apes are known for their ability to somehow coax or force sexual intercourse with feeble-minded women, often through the use of Rohypnol, alcohol, or other judgement-imparing substances. Often majoring in business or communications, they are oddly absent from class, barely scrape by, and get a job through their fratboy daddy's connections. Fratboy interests include rape, steroids, SUVs, Abercrombie, any music devoid of meaning and taste (including, but not limited to: Jay Z, Nelly, and Dave Matthews), homoeroticism, Natty Light, and whatever Mtv bullshit they readily swallow. Since the names in the Greek alphabet are multisyllabic, they often shorten their designations to grunts. For example "Lambda Sigma" is far too complex for their feeble minds, and it would thus be changed to "Lam Sig" and followed by the obligatory "yo." Fratboys can be identified by their steroid-induced bulk, backwards preworn hats with their Fraternity designations on them, and wardrobe exclusively bought from either Structure, American Eagle, or Abercrombie and Fitch. Fratboys and those women who associate with them should be gassed.
"I'm Drew from delt sig yo. Can I get you a drink yo? Do you like DMB yo? Hey yo, can I spread my filthy, worthless seed yo? The new Jay Z is tight, yo. Please kill me yo."
by dread grey January 10, 2004
1) action.
2) activity which is exciting, enjoyable, or otherwise stimulating.
3) sexual intercourse.
"I sure could go for some shrooms and duck hunt ak-shun."
by dread grey January 10, 2004
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