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3 definitions by dr. crunk

Tampa, Florida

Kickass motherfuckin city.

With good herb, too.
9th most dangerous city in the US, 5th worst for theft.
by dr. crunk June 05, 2005
crunk rap group
best songs: knuck if you buck
ellenwood area
best line ever:"throwin bows like johnny cage"

"i come in the club shakin me dreads, throwin these bows and bustin these heads"
by dr. crunk June 05, 2005
Music that gets you crunk.
Best experienced when you're stoned and drunk.

The lyrics don't make sense but that doesn't matter because its just high-energy go-crazy music.
Lil' Jon, Lil' Scrappy, Crime Mob, Ying Tang Twins
by dr. crunk June 05, 2005