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Refrence to an explicit sex act which involves a man deficating on a women's chest, cutting the feces open, jizzing inside of a single turd and then watching the women eat the entire thing.
Jesus, you guys weren't kidding about the prostitute you bought me last night, she was a real nasty one, she was into catholiz priezts, jurblonskiis, and chocolate eclairs! What a fucking dirty whore!
by Dr. Cornwalice April 14, 2008
To overcome one (past), to have happened.
Man, whats bejabbered you?

I ate too much topamax and suffered muscle spasms, sorry to worry you guys
by Dr. Cornwalice February 15, 2008
The act of killing others when taking the drug fluoxetine (prozac)
In 1995, wheelchair impared Bill Dole, stole a full auto glock and purchased two shotguns and an M4 carbine before wheeling into a mail sorting facility in rural Arkansas, and commited fluoxecide by fatally shooting forty workers and injuring ten others then killing himself after a shootout with local law enforcement.
by Dr. Cornwalice February 15, 2008
A sexual position in which either partner kneels as is too pray, while inserting both hands (in typical prayer formation) into the ass of the other partner
Damn miekal gave me the gnarliest catholik priezt last night, it was so good, I think I found God.
by Dr. Cornwalice April 21, 2008

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