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A new boss brought in for the purpose of changing a work group who uses a substantial level of pain to get people to do what he/she wants.
How's the new boss?
Dude, she is a nut cracker. All those policies we've been ignoring are now the freakin' LAW!!
by Dr. Bubba August 26, 2011
The condition we fall into with 'the book we can't put down.' The afflicted can't hear the voices of others and frequently forget to eat and attend to matters of personal hygiene.
I'm sorry I didn't return your calls this weekend. I was in a book coma with the new Harlan Coben book Friday afternoon and I all I did was turn pages. Apologies for the smell, and can I have some of your fries?
by Dr. Bubba June 27, 2011
The phenomenon in which butts expand over time.
Did you see Dee Ann at the reunion? Damn, asspansion had got the best of her!
by Dr. Bubba March 19, 2011
In business, restating easier goals to avoid the consequences of failing to meet existing goals. May also be practiced in government, education, and personal life.
I was about to be fired for blowing my sales goal, but I regoaled and now I'm getting promoted because my clients think I'm a really nice person.
by Dr. Bubba April 30, 2010
To use Cliff's Notes and/or skim a book without reading carefully and highlighting or making notes.
Are you ready for our class discussion of Grapes of Wrath today?
I page whipped it over the weekend. Hopefully the prof won't ask me anything.
by Dr. Bubba August 07, 2011
The unfortunate condition where shorts sneak between the inner thighs and other crevasses of folks of substantial weight.
Damn, baby, those bike shorts have gone badly upcrack!
by Dr. Bubba February 03, 2010
To be caught in limbo -- standing on one foot waiting to see what will happen next.
I'm waiting on five potential job offers, I don't know where I'll be living next month, I don't know if my girlfriend will move if I do -- my whole life is flamingo!
by Dr. Bubba August 01, 2011
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