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2 definitions by dr greasy

one that can be called upon to arrive at potentially dull party events when numbers and moral are low, bringing large groups of partying types to liven up and save not only the party but the reputation of the host.
-hey gazza this party is sucking bro! anything we can do to liven up the night?
-yeah mate im all over it. il give my mate steve a call. that man's a portable party! he'l bring a truck load of people with him.
-right on!!
by dr greasy February 04, 2012
one who goes out of his/her way to appear and act as though they are of Greek/Italian/Turkish ect, decent. surrounding themselves with people of these origins, trying to pick up language terms and develop a 'wog accent' themselves.
usually being of Asian or Anglo decent...they ain't fooling nobody!
-have you heard Gary talk lately? he's picked up this strange want-to-be Greek accent.
-Yeah, he's been 'wog whispering' ever since he started hanging around with Stavros and Con.
by dr greasy January 23, 2012