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Somthing a fag spends his life making to further fuck up the net and make it unsafe.

There are other threats, such as worms trojans spyware and malware, all made by fags aka hackers aka nerds aka fuckers
If you use norton anti virus your pretty fucked.
by dr evil 2 March 24, 2007
The drink that i cant live without
Sobe is better than you
by dr evil 2 March 24, 2007
A site that lets people on the net to give what they think is an accurate definition. Includes slang.
I went to Urban Dictionary to see what trends or slang i might be missing
by dr evil 2 March 24, 2007
A fiction story that fools believe
The bible should be moved into fiction, all in favor?
by dr evil 2 March 24, 2007

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