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UK slang for ecstacy, pills, little fellas, MDMA...
"u got any didlys mate?"
"yeah, mitsubishis, a quid each"
"ahh, nice one, give me 10"
by dr brain October 30, 2005
To make cocaine into lines, to excess consumption of cocaine.
Person 1 - 'Dude, why are you giving me so much grief? You have been up and down all night like a tit in a trance'
Person 2- 'Sorry blud, nothing personal, I've been chalked up all night'
Person 1 - 'What does chalking mean?'
Person 2 - 'Look it up on urban dictionary'
Person 1 - 'They wouldn't have the balls to put that up'
Person 2 - 'True'
by Dr Brain April 29, 2012

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