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The one person in the family who always lets you down and is generally an AHole.
Me: Hey thanks for the golf ball for Christmas.

Uncle Douche: I didn't know what to buy you ill get you back

Me: alright( sounds reasonable)

Situation: 6 months later nothing...3 years later nothing...at his funeral gave him back his golf ball.
#douche #douchebag #a #hole #ahole
by doug longz March 09, 2011
Just a great pair of pants
Guy 1: hey man those are some classy pants.

Guy 2: yah they are weekend chinos...you get pussy like crazy.

Guy 1: weekend chinos, can you only wear them on the weekend or something?

Guy2: (pulls out gun and kills Guy 1) Don't be ignorant.
#weekend #chinos #pants #cords #kakis
by doug longz November 15, 2010
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