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1. a proper and respectful way to refer to mr. left and mr. right testicle, helpful in business and professional situations, or as a tool to impress the lady-folk.

2. a fucking rad way to refer to your love apples.

Q: I don't know how you did it, Frank, but that negotiation was fantastic! I don't know if it's your strategy or balls, but I've never seen anyone get the upper hand like that.
A. Well, thank you Sir, and I'd love to take all the credit, but I couldn't have done it without the lifelong support and guidance of Chip and Champ, my two closest friends and most trusted allies. They really came to bat for me today, and I owe every ounce of success to them. Now, how about we go get some beers?
A: Now, you're talking, Frank! Beers are on me!


Woman: So, you come here often?
Man: Yes, I do. What's that, boys? Oh, my good friends Chip and Champ would like to me you. Allow me to make an introduction. Say hello, fellas!
Woman: (brief pause) Beers at your place or mine?
by douchebacca September 04, 2008

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