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just another word for saggy breasts,

when to use:

>a title which defines a person who has extremely saggy breasts * note this can be male or female

> you notice a man or a woman with saggy breast running laps.

>make a comment on a woman or a man with saggy-ass titties (saggy-ass man titties) were the breast would have to sag all the way to their lap(laying on top of their knees)"touching knees"
"hey rick did you notice flappy lappy running by, yeah paul she needs some pick-me-ups "

"i spy some flappy lappies"

"Flappy Lappies is caused by the stress of gravity that is exceeding down on the boobies, brassieres saving breast and avoiding flappy lappies since 1664"

Awww, look at that pair of beautiful flappy lappies... fuck no get a reduction.
by douche lee August 31, 2010

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