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a descriptive word used for a certain marijuana whos effects are so powerful that when after smoking an actual protective helmet is required to perform routine activities so one does not seriously injure his or her self
"Hey Willie would you like to go smoke this helmet with me?"

"Yo son hit this hemlmet."

by double digits 70 March 31, 2009
The condition of being so high and/or drunk that one cannot function normally. The state of being affected by one or more psychoactive drugs.
My friends and I are about to roll up a joint and get satellite.

I'm so satellite I could eat a star.

by double digits 70 March 30, 2009
An acronym meaning a Chinese Black Kid.
man 1: Yo, you see that cbk hit a hole in one?
man 2: Yeh he is nice with it.
by double digits 70 March 31, 2009
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