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Irresponsible corporate greed.
Betty: Are they really gonna just let 30,000 gallons of crude pore into the gulf of mexico?
Tyronne: Man they are so BeePee it isn't even funny.
by dos cracquis June 02, 2010
Politically correct term for a crackhead.

One who appreciates crack but is generally does so in a dignified manner by refraining from prostituting oneself or stealing from ones family to pay for crack.

One who is particular about his or her crack demanding only the finest shit.
Kim: "Tyrone you a crackhead'

Tyrone: "Kim we prefer the term crack enthusiast"

Example 2

This will simply not do, this is made with generic baking soda and is not fit for a crack enthusiast such as me.
by dos cracquis May 25, 2010

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