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a smooth dude that keeps his clothes crispy, his diction slick, his females in line, and always knows what it is
that boy niko is one greco kid
by dope boy diesel January 04, 2008
an inquiry under selfish pretense...where the poser of the question is only truly interested in reciprocation so that they may expound upon their experiences.

carissa: how was your weekend?

tim: not bad...yours?

carissa: oh my gosh! i went to the mall on friday...where i got a new dress because i was invited to this wedding on sunday...but saturday night i got way too drunk with my friends from college...we went to this bar downtown that had martinis for $4...so on sunday i was really hung over........

tim (under his breath): fuckin' courtesy question
by dope boy diesel August 13, 2008
when a dude tucks his meat and potatoes away...leaving a perceived mangina.

pronounced: ska-coke-uh-lus

dean: oh bro! what the hell is that?!?

tav: skocelas!
by dope boy diesel August 11, 2008
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