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2 definitions by donnie1718

usally a name given to a black slave who often gets whipped for not understanding what he was told to do so does it without complete understandment other wise someone stupid could be white or black,also what you call some one when you know theyve done somthing regretful
when i said get the clippers and use them for the dogs i didnt mean cut its ears,now its dead.....way to go lawny


you pawned my rolex to by 800 bags of skittles.... god lawny!
by donnie1718 July 10, 2008
9 4
when jocks or deush bags shave their heads and have a mohawk that doesnt go alll the way to the back of the neck,and is cut at the back of the top of their head
that blake kid thinks he is somthin with that damn fart pad on his head.

thats not a mohawk thats a damn fart pad!
by donnie1718 June 01, 2009
4 7