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1 definition by donkey kick

A phrase used to indicate that we are not about to justify what we just said with facts. When used excessively, especially in online situations, can lead to much aggravation, with the end result being a head slap to the party or parties overusing this phrase.
person1: Yo, I've been running uber hot lately
person2: No doubt, that was some sick beats you put on that donkey.
person1: Yeah, he was a real poser, He prly thought I was such a deutschebank! ROFLMAO!
person2: Hey, that's not nice, calling him a poser.
person1: Hey, I'm just sayin.
person3: That's it, I'm about to do some old school name callin, get 3 bars ivory soap and a dirty sock and slap one of yous right upside the melon. And I'm serious, you don't see no happy emoticon this time.
by donkey kick November 08, 2007