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3 definitions by don b

Some stupid ass slang term Jon Brown from VH1's The white Rapper Show uses to fuckin much. It's also just as stupid as that ghetto revival shit he got.(you really doin it King of the Burbs).
Man we bout to get that Ghetto Revival shit crackin, hallejuah holla back son.
by don b February 28, 2007
11 7
When someone attatchs weights to their nuts in order to stretch them out.
I would like my nuts to touch my ass so I use weights for a nut stretcher.
by Don B April 17, 2006
8 5
a word that is overused by the cast of Laguna Beach. It means crazy, rad, totally fickin awesome.
Can you believe Tessa just slapped Kyndra that was gnarly dude!!!
by don b February 28, 2007
120 133