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most of the people on this site are racists towards whites and incorrectly blame 'all' whites for what 'some' assholes (right or left) may have done

most of these racists are also very anti-Christian and blame Christians for
things which they shouldn't be blamed for

It's hard for some people to separate politics and their political hatred from skin color or religion.

not all whites are bad

Christianity has a good message that everyone needs to hear.

The friggin government rules over people and if you are poor (like me) there's no way you can affect change.
You have to work within the rules of the system and if BOTH sides and BOTH political parties have their nasty sides well that doesn't make you or your relgion bad because you have to choose between the two parties both of which have their problems.They are flawed and a citizen is stuck with them and not much else (if you are poor like me)

SO please don't bash Christianity.
Christianity like me is stuck in the middle of "politics"(politics = multi-sided,blood-sucking creatures)

the bigotry has to stop
-a poor white Christian dude without any representation since both parties aren't that great...
by don't be a tool August 18, 2004

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