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2 definitions by dom Kaos

That short-term, meaningless relationship you have directly after a long-term relationship has ended - intended, like a sorbet, to get the taste of the last meal out of your mouth before moving on to the next course.
First dude "You've jumped into a new relationship pretty quickly - are you sure you're not on the rebound?"
Second dude "Oh, it's not a REAL relationship - she's just a sorbet shag."
by dom Kaos April 24, 2008
The hatch in the roof of an elevator through which an action hero can suddenly enter, wearing a slightly dirty white singlet, to attack bad guys or rescue trapped victims.

N.B. these portals only appear in bad Hollywood films, rather than actual, real-life multi-storey buildings.
"With a crash, the Willis Hatch burst open and John McClane dropped through, knocking the terrorist to the ground."
by dom Kaos October 02, 2009