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An old school prank. Tell someone that there is a really cool new website for online games, or somewhere they can get free mp3's. The website to tell them is Pen Island.com. Actually it is PenisLand.com, but they won't know the difference. They click the link and it ends up to be gay porn.
Two guys chatting on MSN.
1: Here check out this awesome gaming forum it even has a CSS section for you. www.penisland.com
2: Awesome I'm gonna check that out right now. (Click) Holy Shit, WTF! You are so not my friend right now!
by dolanlj August 30, 2007
A Star Wars exclamation. The word "fodder," meaning food for livestock, has likely been contaminated in this instance by the double-meaning of the Huttese word Poodoo.
Han Solo : Luke you could have done better this round!

Luke : At least I was better than you, you crazy Bantha Fodder!
by dolanlj August 31, 2007
A well known Scottish hill climber. Released several climbing DVD's in the past.
Also well known for his Wee Wooly Hat.
Very well known for wearing Anoaraks.

Their was once a song called Tom Weir by the band Aberfeldy(Also Scottish).
Hill climber1: This hill is more like a frickin mountain.

Hill climber2: Come we gotta be strong, if Tom Weir can do it, so can we!
by dolanlj August 30, 2007
Lurdo - An Ewokese term meaning jerk, dummy, etc.
Ewok1 : blarg was a blargogumf

Ewok2 : Lurdo!
by dolanlj August 31, 2007
WoW phrase to ignore a certain user. Sometimes even used in real life cases too.
Phil: Dennis! did you hear about the alternate endi...
Dennis: /ignore.
by dolanlj August 30, 2007
1. A hero in disguise. A character from the popular series and movie Transformers. Also he can fly.
2. DJ Starscream is a DJ. Formerly a member of a band named slipknot he has now moved on to a similar style only different. His name is Sid.
3. Anal StarScreaming! The act of pushing a robotic/electrical appliance up a persons anus by surprise.
1. Oh my gosh guys did you see Megatron there?
That was Starscream you moron!

2. It's Sid from Slipknot!

3. Holy cow, Jimmy Neutron totally Anal Starscreamed me in the anus last night. I really wasn't expectibg it.
by dolanlj August 31, 2007
Coming from the famous 4chan meme "Become an hero", meaning commit suicide or kill yourself, the phrase has been changed slightly to be more up to date. As most of you probably know the actor Owen Wilson(Starsky and Hutch, Wedding Crashers, Night at the Museum) attempted suicide quite recently. So instead of saying "become an hero", it's "become an wilson".
Guy1: So my girlfriend dumped me and now I am in love with her mum. What do I do?
Guy2: Become an wilson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111eleven.
by dolanlj August 30, 2007

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